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Getting there:

By train: Click here for the CityRail timetables.

By car: Dungog is about a 3.5 hour drive from Sydney. Directions from Sydney:

  1. Get on the freeway.
  2. Follow signs for the Pacific Highway to Brisbane. (Do not go all the way to Brisbane.)
  3. At Raymond Terrace, turn left at the McDonald's and follow the signs to Dungog.
  4. From Dungog, follow this map.

Map of the area.

If you get lost, CALL us at 0408.268.115.

Note that only Telstra mobile phones have coverage once you get past Dungog!

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Information about the area:


Solid heavy carriage manor residence time is not long, but it has attracted the attention of numerous vigilance fear. There evil, and there are people.

Zhao Si die, rush off, Wolong Villa ashes. This news came out a few, like undersea volcanic eruption in the city caused a great disturbance off the spirit.

nike nfl jerseys for sale The strange thing is, even most daring bandits, are afraid to go to Villa looting. Not only that, people had to go back into the mountains or the city, rather detour to take on more risk, they do not want to go through the ashes from the patch.

Nobody wants something to do in this matter, even if far to see one, all in the heart scared endless.

Suddenly, Hill almost to death, only those ignorant of the Wicked will patronize, search some of the off stump body meets the stomach, thereby Beihao few times.

Villa due Wicked seem busy, because no one seemed lonely deserted, with a hint of calm before the storm.

With the emergence of the carriage, calm was broken.

Just a guard, nfl jerseys free shipping there are six star war spirit! Such power is sufficient to sweep off the spirit of the city!

People watching far, police fear with, wondering, trying to make herself look calm, showing nothing about, or innocent.

Adhesion of the numerous road hesitation prying eyes of carriage slowly fall firmly into the spirit of the city, all the way to point Zhanmeng Fenduo.

Zhanmeng Fenduo aka Battle Spirit Court, is the spirit of the city off the core, is nominally the governing body.

Where many people will always form a system, a system; although it may not be effective, it may not be able to bind everyone, but better than nothing. Wronged, people can come here for help, not solve all the problems, the number is always a catharsis, be to those who can not protect themselves a little comfort.

Fighting spirit Court is one such place.

The difference is that with the Seas, fighting spirit Court always nfl jerseys from china clean and tidy, and the grand style copper paint the door; two sides unicorn gargoyle Hu Ju, body majestic stern eyes, looked testimonies guarded.

Long open door, in front of the four spiritual warfare duty hand-held standing, proud of an own momentum.

Reaching the front of the horse, the pride of duty fighting spirit instantly disappear.

Saw carriage approaching, straight line in the direction towards the door, two on duty quickly ran down uneasily issue polling.

"I dare ......""Go!"Bang bang twice muffled their voices to be boring in the stomach, the body inverted out and fell to the ground, has lost sound. They glanced at them a hands-on, straight toward the door.

"You want to cheap nike nfl jerseys do ...... ah!"

Two outer two unattended also fly out, the difference is that they have preparedness, timely issue Canhu, or is warning.

Sounded simultaneously therewith, is distant peep crowd gasp. Abnormal sounds neat, but abnormal short, seems to be a hit in the throat hammer mind can not spit out a complete syllable.

"I did not need to do so, we are not as aggressive come, let them be careful." Car has moderate voice sounded, with a hint of displeasure, but hide a hint of complacency.

"Master said is." Along with another submissive voice sounded.

That two hands fighting spirit bend the salute, his face was no guilt wronged expression. Subsequently, several wars in the rest of the carriage, led by the Spirit, even straight into battle spirits Court, speeds are not lowered one minute.

It can be considered a steep road in front of the steps, leaving two clear grooves. If they are not hard bluestone, but with ooze deadwood built, without any hindrance.

Carriage disappear in the door. Court battle spirits in front of the guard on duty into the carriage, the original four lying around unattended, life and death somehow.

From beginning to end, the car did not appear human.

Distant, Tian Qi Ye and the other two bouncers witnessed all of this, the eyes reveal horror.

"Go three yuan Court."

"Notice Mrs. Tiger!"

"I'm afraid that ...... no use ah!"

While he was talking, a few people hastily turned away and disappeared into the crowd.

"Harsh wind! What do you want?"

Fighting spirit Genei, Tashan looking out from the carriage in the yellow faces Tahan, anger, shouted: "You have to rebel alliance!"

"This hat is too big! I may nike nfl jerseys be overwhelmed."