**Take Time to Stop & Smell the Roses**
                  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
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Most Popular Flowers
  1.  Red Roses
    Red Roses
    Price $15 Dozen Wrapped Vase $30
  2. Yellow Roses
    Yellow Roses
    Price $10 Dozen Wrapped Vase $25
  3. Rose/Daisy Vase
    Rose/Daisy Vase
    Price $35
  4. Small Rose Mix Vase
    Small Rose Mix Vase
    Price $15
  5. Color Dozen Rose Vase
    Color Dozen Rose Vase
    Price $25
  6. Daisies
    Price $7 Bunch 2 for $12
  7. Alstroemerias
    Price $9 Bunch 2 for $16
  8. Mixed Bokays
    Mixed Bokays
    Price $10 each Vase $25
About Rose Peddler

 Life is way too busy and complicated these days!!! 
No one takes time to Stop & Smell the Roses!!!
We wanted a simple flower shop that isn't too frilly and pricey for all to enjoy!
Flowers are beautiful creations that we sometimes take for granted because we are too busy to notice. 
Each day flies by with multitudes of emails to read & reply, texts to send, twitter, Facebook, etc, etc, etc!!!!!
Our faces are buried in our electronics instead of admiring the beautiful day, or sunset, or all the beautiful people you may pass each day and not even give them the time of day.
What happened to a walk in the park, a game of hop scotch on a beautiful day?
When did you last skip a stone across a pond or at the beach. Or just "Stop & Smell the Roses".
I hope I have inspired you to slow down, absorb some of life's beauty and come visit us at the Rose Peddler to brighten your day!!!